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He continued: ‘We have a long-standing relationship with Flexi Foods.’Mr Levy said: ‘We know that some horsemeat came through Dino’s.’Sideras said: ‘Two pallets of horsemeat that came to us and that was sent on by us for Flexi Foods.‘When the lorry arrived we thought it could be a load for us or a load for him (Nielsen)- we didn’t realise until unloading that the truck was horsemeat.’An invoice was marked ‘10 pallets of horse trimming’ he said.‘We hadn’t expected a load to come in that day so I unloaded it and telephone Mr Nielsen,’ he said.‘He arranged for it to be collected and moved on.’He continued: ‘The boxes were labelled and stamped with an EC stamp. We only had it for a couple of days.’He said that he hadn’t charged for storing the meat because of the special relationship he had with Flexi Foods.‘I wasn’t asked to sign any documents in relation to it so I didn’t,’ he said.

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Operating the static scanner skillfully and effectively has also become a crafted art.Visualising the gestational sac by B-mode ultrasound was first described by the Donald and Mac Vicar team in 1963.In 1965, they were able to demonstrate a 5-weeks gestational sac.The Gestational sac diameters in the assessment of fetal maturity was described by Lou M Hellman and M Kobayashi in 1969 and by Pentti Joupilla (Finland), Salvator Levi (Brussels) and E Reinold (Vienna) in 1971 in relation to early pregnancy complications.Kobayashi also described the ultrasonic appearance of extra-uterine pregnancy using bi-stable B-mode ultrasound in 1969.

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