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These were impressive performances from Ohno, but a significant amount of his fame during this time arose from the controversy that followed his gold medal win.

In the 1500 m race’s final lap, the race’s leader Kim Dong-Sung drifted to the inside of the track and Ohno indicated that he had been blocked.

Compared to his previous showings, the 2010 Olympic Games were sort of underwhelming for Ohno. He won two bronze medals in the 1000 m and in the 5000 m, and he won silver in the 1500 m.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t bringing home any major medals, this particular games brought Apolo to a massive milestone.

Although Kim Dong-Sung ended up finishing the race first, he was disqualified for blocking, and the gold medal was awarded to the second finisher, Apolo Ohno.

Apolo’s father had to work very hard to ensure that his son grew up in a good home, and his work hours were often long.

(Apolo was the youngest skater to have ever been admitted to the center at the time.) With this, Ohno began his journey to Olympic fame. His training was successful at first, and when he was 14 years old he was able to relocate to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center to train with senior level skaters, despite the fact that he was meant to be practicing with junior level ones.

Ohno trained hard, but he had a miserable showing at the 1997 World Championships, which ultimately resulted in him not making the Olympic team for the 1998 Winter Olympics.

This was a devastating blow, but the teenage athlete shifted his focus to making the 2002 Olympic team instead.

Ohno returned to his training at Lake Placid, and put a tremendous amount of effort into getting in good shape for the 1999 World Championships.

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