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(Source) Eventually, due to Greg and Taylor's Twitter activity, people began comparing his indoor filming locations with Taylor's Instagram photos. Also, Taylor began dropping hints like wearing articles his clothing and paralleling their tweets about what they were doing when they were together.

When this was pointed out in videos and on blogs in late May, Taylor deleted the images in question and made her Twitter account private.

Lainey has stated in October 2016 they are "comfy" with any pronouns.

(Source) )) Taylor says she discovered Onision when Shane Dawson uploaded the video of them kissing.

Taylor, also known online as Lainey or Lainey Bot, is Greg's current wife and mother of his children. (( Admin note: This article originated around 2013/2014 (way before this site's launch), back then it was typical for people to call Lainey by her real name, Taylor.

Also, at the time, Lainey did not just go by they/then pronouns online like they do now.

(It is very common for Greg to respond with short tweets to fans.) She tweeted at him 3 more times until she began to start telling him she loved him over Twitter.

(Source) Around that time, Taylor began showing off an engagement ring in her Twitter selfies.

The article may be changed in the future to say "Lainey" instead of "Taylor", but at this point, it is too difficult to re-write the whole article around they/them pronouns.

For consistency sake, the rest of the site will refer to Lainey as "she/her".

Soon, it was found out that Greg was renting a home in New Mexico.

It turns out he was in New Mexico to be with Taylor while she finished up High School.

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