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It’s Friday night and you get separate text messages from friends who are at each bar. Their argument is that you should “man up” by going to Cuntfest Bar, which is close to how I see America.

By going to Poonani Paradise Bar and refusing to put up with bad behavior, obesity, and so on, you have declared war on American women. They will begin to use all sorts of weaponry to make you feel ashamed for going to Poonani Paradise Bar, because they know that the less people who believe in Cuntfest Bar, the less power they have.

A common criticism I see is the following: “You can’t get laid in the United States so you go to third world countries to fuck poor women.” It’s an easy insult that serves a strong purpose for the two groups that primarily use it, women and beta males.

For women, it allows them to believe that they are still beautiful princesses who don’t have to lose weight, adjust their attitude, grow their hair, or put on a pair of high heels.

It can be easy only after hard work and time, but not right as you get off the plane. If it makes him happy, and he’s able to leverage his American dollars to get abroad what he can’t get at home, he should fuck all the prostitutes he can handle.

How about the guy with severe appearance deformities, negative game, and a psychiatric disorder who decides to hit Thailand in order to sleep with a dozen prostitutes? Explain to me how it’s smart for any society to prevent millions of sexually frustrated men from getting their biological needs met.

South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, here we come.

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Imagine for a second if every man in the United States not only knew about Poonani Paradise Bar but also the means to go there. Withdrawal of penis from the American dating market.

The most valuable and sharpest men would abstain from relationships with American women, who would gradually lose their power and have to make adjustments.

Thai Cupid This is another site from Cupid Media, and it’s something they do so well.

In this case, they have focused their talents on Thailand and bridging connections between people over the globe.

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