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Make sure you don’t miss visiting the second floor. It’s not the classic “ping pong show” but you’ll have the girls performing incredible sexy scenes on two square-shaped glass floors like putting oil on each other then rubbing on each others body before taking a bunch of candles and sprinkling wax all over their naked bodies.There is even an elevator connecting the floors though it’s mainly the girls taking it when too lazy walking up and down the stairs.It has two big L-shaped stages, each of them with more than two dozen of girls dancing topless – which isn’t as common in red light Bangkok as it used to be.Again the quality of girls in Rainbow 4 is among the best not just in Nana Plaza, but in all of Bangkok.

The girls in Tilac are super hot and thin, however a bit overactive at times which makes it hard to just sit down and relax.Maybe the best Go Go choice in Bangkok if you are out for a relaxing drink in the bar and don’t fancy being surrounded by three girls that ask for lady drinks two minutes after you sat down.You might be wondering why most of the Go Go Bars listed here are in Soi Cowboy.However note that the girls are not getting naked at Shark.Shark has decent techno music but sometimes the girls seem to be more enthusiastic dancing when the boss is around.

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