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It was a stereotype to assume that all Christians were anti-LGBTQ, just as it was a stereotype to assume that all LGBTQ people were anti-Christianity. More and more churches are open and affirming, including the Episcopal Church, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) The United Church of Christ (UCC) and to some degree the United Methodist Church, to name a few.

Whenever someone implies that God may be disappointed by the fact that I am queer, I remember that their disgust only reflects their own personal issues and biases. When I begin to feel hurt and upset, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and imagine the scene in At the end of the first episode of the season, Kristiana Flowers wisely said that that she doesn’t see her sexuality as a problem.

Affirmations' Facilitators are required to retrain by attending Volunteer Orientation & Training, Adult Ally Training, and Facilitator Training once yearly to remain in active standing.

All interested parties, please contact Heather Aymer, here.

At the end of the day, it is my relationship with Christ that matters, not my relationships with other people.

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She told me that only Christ himself could determine who is a Christian and who is not.In the first episode of the Lifetime series, Kristiana confessed that she has “struggled with sexuality” for a while.Kristiana, who confirmed that she has “been with a girl,” told the other preacher’s daughters that struggling against something that she doesn’t have a choice about contributed to the depression that led to her being hospitalized.The other girls say that they don’t know why people think Christians hate gay people. Tyche Crocket, of New Orleans, LA, takes this moment to come out as bisexual.All the other young women in the house offer their support. Cierra Vaughn, another preacher’s daughter who seems to have her own sins to worry about (drinking, cursing, losing her temper) tells Kristiana that being gay is a slap in the face to God and that she will ultimately go to hell if she doesn’t change.

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