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Although there is no “Adult Gigs” category, you can usually find these types of casting notices under “creative gigs”, “talent gigs” or ” tv/film/video/radio” categories.Better yet, use craigslist search feature to find posts with words such as “adult actors”, “adult film”, “adult models”.If you are finally chosen for the job and you need to take part in intercourse, then you should ensure that both you and your partner are using condoms.If the producer does not allow condoms then you will be better off refusing to do the work.Be sure to take some nice pictures with your digital cam or with a nice camera phone or any other suitable digital device. Don’t ever send old photos as that is a strict no-no.if you send old photographs and you turn out to be different than what you looked like in the photos, then the producer and you will both end up being very disappointed.

Many recruiters will post job opportunities on craigslist.

Be sure to send your application and also include pictures of yourself as well as a short video.

You can either upload these or you can email them to the producer.

If a producer does make contact with you then you must let him or her know what your limits are.

You can, for example, specify that you will not do anything without using a condom or that you do not want to do anal or bondage work.

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