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The -ville element is almost always combined with a personal name.The similarity with the name of Bay of Húnaflói in Iceland may be coincidence.In the 16th century, a second nave was added, whose vault was like the wooden vaults of modest Gothic churches.This second part was rather rounder, and did not look like a ship's hull.Then the bell tower was built a good distance away, so that parishioners would not be burnt in case of a fire.Indeed, the bell tower did draw lightning strikes due to its height and its position on the side of a hill.

It only partially recovered during the 19th century with the trading of wood from northern Europe.Trade was however limited by the silting up of the entrance to the port and development of the modern port at Le Havre. Honfleur was liberated together by the British army - 19th Platoon of the 12th Devon's, 6th Air Landing Brigade, the Belgian army (Brigade Piron) on 25 August 1944 Traditional pronunciation: [χõ'fjø] with the h strongly expirated, like in 'loch'. The marker -fleur, formerly -fleu which is widespread in Normandy (Cf.Barfleur, Vittefleur, Harfleur, Crémanfleur, Fiquefleur and La Gerfleur stream), which means 'stream, river running into the sea', was still in use in the 13th century as written in a document le fleu de Lestre, meaning the Lestre river.The town's defences were strengthened by Charles V in order to protect the estuary of the Seine from attacks from the English. However, Honfleur was taken and occupied by the English in 1357 and from 1419 to 1450.When under French control, raiding parties often set out from the port to ransack the English coasts, including partially destroying the town of Sandwich, in Kent, England, in the 1450s.

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