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I will admit that the face meltings are pretty cool. It's the first film from Troma(King of bad movies) on my list, and it is The Toxic Avenger.I just have a hard time believing the FDA would allow a yogurt like substance that can control your body onto the market, at least not without testing it first.#10 THE TOXIC AVENGER (1985)God do I love this horrible film!!! Young janitor Melvin, a 98 lb weakling, is tricked into wearing a tutu and falls into a open barrel of toxic waste that's in the back of a truck that was passing by(don't ask, just accept it).Of course, it falls upon Duane to keep his brother well-fed, and the basket-dweller's appetite ranges from hotdogs to hookers, with plenty of lowlife, skid-row snacks to be found in the seedy motel they wash up in.Naturally enough an assortment of new yorkers find themselves sliced and diced and the mysterious resident of the wicker home is later revealed to have been rescued from the rubbish bin before their father was sent on his way to greet his maker...seriously he was thrown in the trash.

With his new super size and strength he brings to justice those that caused his mutation, falls in love with a blind babe, and kills the mayor of Tromaville.

No, it isn’t particularly scary or even very startling and it certainly doesn't make any sense, but it is rather gross in spots.

Calling a 976 number for demonic powers, who thinks this crap up anyway?

Let me say that again, you call a 976 number and you get demonic powers!!!

More specifically a boy finds card containing a Satanic phone number, boy meets girl, boy’s cousin finds number and uses it to kill girl and lots of other folks, boy’s cousin then turns into a hell spawn, and boy must save the day.

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