C sqldataadapter rowupdating

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Grid View Update Event Args) Dim lbl Book ID As Label = Direct Cast(Grid View1.

Find Control("lbl Book ID"), Label) Dim tb Book Name As Text Box = Direct Cast(Grid View1.

Open(); Sql Data Adapter adp = new Sql Data Adapter(sql, con); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); adp.

home-View contains buttons with different options like 'insert a record', 'edit a record', 'update a record' ect. so when the user clicks ' Edit a Record' on ' Home-View', programs takes user to ' View Grid).

protected void Grid View1_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) { Grid View1. New Edit Index; Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection("Data Source=MEHDI-PC\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=PIMS; Integrated Security=True"); string sql = "select [Dwg Reg ID],[Ref],[Dwg_Ref],[Title],[Dwg_Received_Date],[Rev],[Trade],[Type],[Produced_Date],[Produced_By],[Submittal_Ref],[Issued_To],[Date_Issued],[Purpose],[Status],[Action_Date] from dbo.

Here, in my article I am going show you how to perform a simple and basic CRUD operation using a paging enabled Grid View in Asp. I have previously written few articles on How to Edit and Delete rows in Grid View and How to Insert Grid View rows in a Database table using Sql Data Source control. However, here I am not using Sql Data Source for data retrieving or manipulation, but using standard code behind procedures. Each event has a role to play while do the CRUD operations.

I have written code for each event in the Code behind section.

Data Bind(); @Tim Schmelter : I have 2 Views ( View Home, View Grid ).

Sql Data Adapter da = new Sql Data Adapter(@"select * from my table ", con); Data Table dt Table = new Data Table(); da.

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