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The good thing about it though is that appears to be high in efa's and I am a fan of GLA..bad for an organic product, but I'd stick with rice and beans personally.

I recommend these minerals, highly potent in every respect and ethically Advanced Liquid Nutrition is an incredible, all-natural liquid supplement containing nearly every daily nutrient required for robust health -- all in a single, concentrated, easy-to-swallow, delicious, peach-flavored, one-ounce dose.

I stay far away from hemp i dont know about the hives, but vasodialators are great for getting pumps EVERYWHERE, especially in tissues.

on a side note, from someone who lives a fairly active lifestyle, hemp seed is not as great as its cracked up to be it is not a complete protein, meaning it doesnt have 20 amino acids, i personally think its all just marketing hype made up by a bunch of hippies, but thats my personal opinion.

"Time Robber" / "Idrabl", their best work work, is the most commercial with various electronic "space sounds", though "Skrover" / "Csillagok tjn" is probably the most musically diverse.

Three types of NOS: inducible and constitutively expressed and brain.

You want the constitutively expressed (constantly produced) to be tightly controlled - because it plays a big role in nitrogen cycling and glutamate metabolism.

Their music is a combination of Eastern European prog with a bit of symphonic and a bit of psyche prog.

The result is a dark orchestrated sound combined with extended improvisation.

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