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It’s why she is now being labelled as the ‘mistress’ of the gang. Sadly paedophilia and sex abuse rings are rarely out of the headlines, but a female ringleader who has sexually abused children is more unusual.

Forensic psychologist Nina Burrowes says the gender of female abusers often accounts for some of our shock: “I do generally believe [women sexually abusing children] happens less often than men, but it happens a lot more often than you realise.

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Some believe it will bring them closer to their partner.It’s also a crucial part in the Black case, where her two former partners were part of the sex abuse ring. They’re akin to women who are victims of domestic violence.” This was part of Black’s defence from her lawyers, who said she had suffered domestic violence at the hands of Adams and that he “was a very manipulative” man who exploited her.Cortoni says: “There’s definitely a very tiny indication that for some of these women, it’s because they’ve been coerced. But barristers representing Adams and Rogers rejected this notion saying: “She is the common denominator between all the offences.” But there have been cases where this coercion is clearer.“They [typically men] are either strongly attracted to children and want more variety or they’re aroused by violence, like serial rapists.Women’s sexual patterns don’t work quite the same way.” The only worry is that this could change.

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