Cocoon lip stain online dating

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It is quite moisturising and I didn’t need to apply it too regularly.It also tastes pretty good as well; a nice burst of fruit when you first apply it that doesn’t outstay its welcome.A handbag essential, this beautifully tinted balm keep lips healthy and hydrated.This balm glides on, leaving lips nourished with a subtle hint of colour.But thankfully it doesn’t come out that shade once worn, so you can safely apply it without the need of a mirror.

The packaging looks lovely, although as it is cardboard im not sure how durable it is, time will tell.

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And that’s about all you can say about it really: perfectly nice but not outstanding, and the packaging isn’t going to stand up to any heavy use.

One for the dressing table, or as a gift for someone who likes pretty packaging.

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