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, opening in theaters, Friday, November 22, chronicles the story behind the classic Christmas tale.

It’s a Dickens’ story to be sure, with all the drama, harshness and delight of Jolly Old Victorian England.

The movie is about the real life events of how the novella Dickens published in 1843 came to be published at all—let alone in just six weeks.

Becoming obsessed with the Oak Island treasure wasn’t totally out of character for the young Rick Lagina.Rick Lagina has been obsessing over the treasure island since 1956 when he was only 11 years old, after he read an article about the ancient island in a copy of Reader’s Digest.Today Rick and his brother Marty have dedicated their lives towards finding it.Hundreds of years later, even the bravest and most talented explorers have yet to locate it Sadly, many of those brave explorers’ journey to seek out the treasure has ended in several tragedies including loss of lives, money, family members and their own peace of mind.The obsession with finding the island’s treasure has caused even the most sensible of people to go crazy.

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