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The year is coming to end and it’s time to recap which of our favorite curvy and plus size celebrities killed the red carpet with their dashing effortless style.

Last year, you guys voted America Ferrera as the best dress curvy/plus celebrity of 2010. The style maven consistently won our hearts with her chic on trend styles that were realistic and curve embracing.

We saw her rock her usual flowy and body con gowns but for 2011 she tapped more into the menswear trends by rocking fabulous tuxedo suits.

Latifah is definitely one of a kind when it comes to her personal style.

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But if every photo in his feed is a hot girl with cleavage, don't let him try to accuse you of being jealous. If he's surrounding himself with other women and their breasts, whether in real life or on Instagram, it's probably a sign he's not totally ready for a committed, serious relationship. You are two separate people, so feel free to continue to behave as such.If you're dating a Luddite who hates social media, then you may either want to steer clear of the whole enterprise or go nuts since they'll never know about it.And if you're dating some selfie-addicted narcissist, well, good luck to you.During the early stages of a relationship, how you navigate these delicate little things can have huge consequences on the future of your relationship.Basically, I've aimed for the middle in terms of Instagram interaction.

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