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I’m still convinced Sleeping Beauty wasn’t actually under a curse, but probably had mono. I know my therapist heard plenty of dating stories! If you never feel comfortable enough to ask the other person out, they could very well ask you. I’m not going to tell you to work on yourself first and when you get super confident that is when you date. I’ve spent my entire life living with chronic health issues.

I will also say that always happens to be the movie of the week when I’m about to fly, and really, why does that happen to me? It’s not as awkward as approaching a stranger in a bar or something of the like – that to me seems terrifying. You don’t have to stick with whatever person happens to like you if you don’t like them because you assume you have no options, or because it’s the “easier” thing to do. From having loved ones that are actively dealing with mental health issues, there is never a perfect moment. I’m basically a Google-search away from a prospective date knowing a lot about me.

However, my circumstances don’t seem the most appealing.

Because of the degree of my health issues, I’ve found that it interferes with my ability to work.

It’s easy to panic about date three or what the potential relationship could look like a month out. If I look at things in my life being tiny hills, I find everything much more manageable. That way they can be like “it probably means nothing that they haven’t replied back to your text ten minutes after you sent them a message.” It’s very easy to tell yourself stories that just aren’t true, or worry about things that you just don’t need to. You may want to rehash everything that you possibly did wrong on a date.

I can guarantee you that your date was not noticing most of what you’re focusing in on. It was actually something recommended by a therapist I had years ago when I was trying to balance getting out there and dating while also managing chronic illness.

Experts say that one key is picking the right dating sites.

You mention how proactive you are, and I have to commend you on that.

Also, even though you aren’t “working”, you are taking care of your grandfather.

Dating should never come as a sacrifice to your own wellness, and putting yourself first is not selfish in this instance.

Not every dating scenario will be a success, but that doesn’t make you a failure.

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