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Most of us have at least some old family photographs that have been handed down the generations and these are very special heirlooms - among the most intimate and personal items associated with past family members.

Sometimes we already know for certain, or have a good idea, which ancestors are pictured in these historic images, but since many photographs were not firmly identified at the time, there may well be some whose subjects are completely unrecognisable to us today.

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Emmons Fashion Magic was the first jewelry to be sold at home parties, between 19, preceding its sister company, Sarah Coventry.

In this series, Jayne Shrimpton, internationally recognised dress historian, portrait specialist, photo detective and regular contributor to Family Tree, Your Family History and Family History Monthly magazines, dates and analyses different types of photographs and helps you to add context to your old family pictures.

Moving on from looking at photographic formats, photographers and mount styles, we now begin to focus on the visual image which is, after all, the most interesting aspect of any family photograph.

The photographer's studio Professional photographs of 19th and early 20th century family members usually portray their subjects not in a real-life environment but in a studio setting carefully contrived by the photographer.

Additional accessories kept by the studio reinforced the genteel and attractive effect: quality toys such as dolls, spinning tops, drums and tambourines were kept for small children to clutch, while adults often held a book, implying literacy when not everyone could read.Jeanenne Bells Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry. De Lizza; he deserves our heartfelt gratitude for writing his fascinating memoirs.So instead, lets share some lively discussion on Jewelry Ring about jewelry dating dating series runs from the September through to November issues and each feature is illustrated with images that reflect the kinds of photos surviving in many family collections.These should answer some of your photographic queries and hopefully the ability to date images more reliably will help with identifying some of those mystery family members.

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