Dawson's creek temporada 6 subtitulada online dating

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Katie Holmes portrays his best friend and love interest Joey Potter, with Joshua Jackson as their fellow best friend Pacey Witter.

Michelle Williams plays Jen Lindley, who moves from New York City to Capeside after being sent away by her parents.

When a major hurricane moves inland, several characters take refuge in the Leery home, where Dawson rages at Jen about her past, and Mitch storms out after Gail confesses to her affair.

A tormented Dawson is left to deal with the fallout.

The two of them join forces to perpetuate an act of revenge on Warren who claimed to have had sex with Joey.

A double date finds Jen and Cliff joined by Dawson and Mary-Beth, whom Dawson asks out solely as part of a plot to make Jen jealous.

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Between January 20, 1998, and May 14, 2003, Dawson's Creek aired six seasons on the American television network The WB, the first a mid-season replacement and the following five as regular seasons.

Dawson casts Jen as the new leading lady in his film, but creates a messy off-camera scene during her date at the school dance. Leery about her liaisons and Pacey gets under Tamara's skin with his public flirting.

While working on the film class's movie, team player Dawson has a hard time being stuck in the background.

Elsewhere, Pacey ruins his brother's chances of a date with Tamara when they are all trapped at her beach house during the hurricane.

Another student overhears Pacey and Dawson discussing Pacey's relationship with Tamara, and within hours the rumors are all around school and the rest of Capeside.

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