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It also said his cell is unsuitable for the double-amputee, who is blind in one eye, adding: “The stumps in both arms are subject to regular outbreaks of infection, which have been increasing in severity.” The 242-page appeal said when he was fighting extradition while in Belmarsh maximum security prison, Hamza was seen by a doctor or nurse up to five times a week and could mix with other inmates.His lawyers argue his treatment at ADX Florence breaches article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which prohibits torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.Shawn Pyfrom, portrayed Bree's homosexual son Andrew Van de Kamp.Lyndsy Fonseca was cast in the new role of Dylan Mayfair, Katherine's daughter and part of the season's mystery.The first part, "Something's Coming", aired on December 2, 2007.Seven additional episodes were produced for the fourth season after the strike, the first of which aired on April 13, 2008.

Eva Longoria portrayed former model Gabrielle Lang, now the wife of Fairview's mayor.

Andrea Bowen portrayed Julie Mayer, the responsible and caring daughter of Susan.

Doug Savant portrayed Tom Scavo, Lynette's husband and now owner of a pizzeria.

Dana Delany is introduced in the role of Katherine Mayfair, whose mysterious arc is the season's main storyline.

Five out of six actors who received "also starring" billing from the previous season returned.

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