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Howard thinks Sheldon should just ignore Amy and join them.

He's a grown-up, he should be able to have a sleepover and play video games all weekend if he wants.

When he explained it was just going to be with the guys, she then insinuated that he doesn't want to have her there or spend the time with her.

To disprove it, he ended up knuckling under and inviting her to join them, buying her a laptop and a copy of the game.

After Amy returns from the party, she ends up at Penny’s telling her sad story.

YOU OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE! The shutting sound is played to the scene of the four men who are alone at last) Okay, now.

Sheldon laments, "I always thought I would be enslaved by some advanced species from another planet, not by some hotsy-totsy from Glendale." Howard pulls out his phone and reveals something he feels is perfect for the moment: a "whipped" sound app.

Leonard checks with Penny and she was fine with it.

Penny refuses to do it despite (in Sheldon's view) a bribe using either Gummy bears or “Cooper Coupons”.

On Saturday morning Sheldon gets into Amy’s car determined to come, but using his laptop and wifi connection to play off site.

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