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She then called Ayman, who had been locked up in the men’s cells.‘They treated the men more leniently,’ Charlotte said.But as her plane took off for Britain on Friday, she said: ‘It is such a relief.

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Charlotte Adams, 26, was deported on Friday after spending 23 days locked up alongside prostitutes and murderers for ‘indecency’.

She was allowed bail on condition that she surrendered her passport and got a friend to surrender their passport.

She was released at 11pm the next night, when she learned about the Arab woman’s complaint in the restaurant.

I thought they were stupid to behave like that in a Muslim city. You’d have been stupid to ignore it.’Yet she said hotels regularly offer free alcohol, particularly to women, although the law forbids being under the influence in public.

‘Everyone gets so drunk they forget where they are, particularly the Westerners, which is when their behaviour can become dangerous legally,’ Charlotte said.

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