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Additional evidence calls into question the claim that the Samarkand codex is one of the original copies sent out by Uthman to the various Muslim centers in the mid-7th century.

This manuscript is very eclectic, with the text from page to page alternating between careful copying and hasty, untidy transmission.

Certain traditions suggest, with several of the ahadith as their authority, that after Mohammed's death, the fear that portions of these teachings of Allah would be lost due to battle and the deaths of Mohammeds companions motivated early Muslim rulers to begin the compilation of the revelations that Mohammed claimed to have received.

The end result of this compilation, began by Mohammed's successor Abu Bakr, and finished by Caliph Uthman (traditionally 644-656 AD), is said to be the Qur'an in its present form, perfect copies of which were sent out to every province of the new Muslim Empire (though what usually remains unmentioned is that the traditions also report that Uthman carried out the destruction by fire of all variant readings and texts that did not conform to his compilation.) Textual and archaeological evidences do not support the traditional views about the formation and preservation of the quranic text.

This argument must be considered unsound if the apologists wish to keep their position on the Quran and its history internally consistent with the claims for which they are attempting to argue in support.

If the apologists are correct, and the Samarkand manuscript really is a 7th century first-generation daughter manuscript of the originally compiled Uthman text, then it should be in the same Arabic dialect as the original revelation (which is presumably, per the apologetic claims, the Classical Arabic used in the Qur'an today).

The Quran, on the other hand, exists exactly as it had been revealed to the Prophet; not a word - nay, not a dot of it - has been changed.

The traditional Muslim histories affirm this by stating that the angel Gabriel transmitted the Qur'an word for word to Mohammed from Allah, and that Mohammed then recited these words to his Companions, who memorized, and sometimes transcribed, these qira (recitations) that form the Qur'an .

Further, this revelation from Allah has remained the same, word for word, never changing through all the intervening centuries of copying and transmission.

Most people are probably familiar with the place given to the Qur'an in Islam, that it is the "holy book" of the Muslim religion.

This is an accurate assessment, for Muslims grant a very high place of honor to the Quran in their minds, hearts, and lives.

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