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The Offen Music label follows up In the Moon Cage, its collection of recordings from the archives of Sao Paolo-based, Serbia-born auteur Suba (Mitar Subotić), with something completely different but equally intriguing.

Toresch were formed last year by Detlef Weinrich, Viktoria Wehrmeister and Jan Wagner and if there’s anything that links them to Suba, it’s the fact that they are also cultural adventurers with fascinating back stories.

Noises surge in and out from the shadows, mysterious voices murmur disembodied messages and beats hammer and clank like the rhythms of the factory floor, as Wehrmeister declaims her mesmeric invocations and this music from the hidden reaches infects the consciousness.

When the Essen Illumination Weeks begin in the autumn, the city centre takes on a festive gleam for nearly three months.

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Citizens of Essen know that living in the centre of one of the most interesting regions in Europe not only makes you feel good because it is a capital of culture, but it also lets you enjoy life to the full at all times.

With roundabout 65 trade fairs and exhibitions, including ten leading trade fairs, the Essen exhibition centre is among the top ten exhibition locations in Germany.

An appealing mix of international, national and regional professional and consumer trade fairs attracts around 1.5 million visitors annually.

In addition to our flexible spatial concepts, event planners can also take advantage of the organizing expertise of our experienced team.

The Grugahalle rounds out the remarkable diversity of event options in Essen.

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