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Salmon have a lousy problem, and the race to solve it is spanning the globe.A surge of parasitic sea lice is disrupting salmon farms around the world.But around 2009, the lice appeared to become resistant to the pesticide, and they have spread globally since.The industry's key mistake was reacting when the lice evolved to survive pesticide, Carr said, rather than “getting ahead in the game.” “The efficacy went away and pressure developed to create new treatments,” said Kris Nicholls, chief operating officer at Cooke, a major player in world salmon farming.The lice can grow to about the size of a pea and lay thousands of eggs in their brief lifetime.

Fishlove’s image of Helena Bonham-Carter with a yellowfin tuna is widely credited for having persuaded the UK Government to commit to creating the largest network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the world.Scottish farmers have deployed a device known as a Thermolicer to warm the water and detach the lice from fish.And farmers in North America and Europe are experimenting with using species of “cleaner fish” to coexist with the salmon and eat the lice.Scientists and fish farmers are working on new ways to control the pests, which So far it has been an uphill struggle that is a threat to a way of life in countries where salmon farming is a part of the culture.“Our work has to be quicker than the evolution of the lice,” said Jake Elliott, vice president of Cooke Aquaculture in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick.

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