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Some garages complied immediately and dealt with their entire fleet within a matter of days; others were more lethargic.

The last two garages, Wood Green and Palmwrs Green gradually removed the discs from their RT’s and RM’s during the early part of 1972’.

Unless some garages stockpiled a quantity for use as dustbin lids!

It seems odd to me that after over twenty years and millions of miles in service a wheel trim should come off in such a way as to injure someone and trigger a mass removal.

I think that they might have been delivered new in this style, but normally were repainted without relief.

As to how/where preservationists find them now, that’s a mystery.

06/10/16 London Transport Wheel Trims In the 1950s the whole London fleet (7000 buses?

) sported full rear-wheel nave-plates which tidied up their side view and must have made for easy cleaning. And do modern restorers seek them out, for a finishing touch? mileometers on the rear hubs and those yellow nut indicators on the front – and rear?

Much to the annoyance of Head Office, certain depots removed them as soon as possible with the regular excuse of ‘lost in service’. The real reasons for removal was brake overheating, time in removing and replacing them when wheels had to be changed and, most importantly, the need to regularly check wheel nuts for tightness which later became a mandatory regular check and, as I understand it, it was at that time that the London wheel trims disappeared in short order. They all seemed to disappear from buses almost overnight. This was, of course long before the days of wheel nut indicators or hubometers, so the ‘falling off’ incident sounds eminently plausible.

From 1967 to 1975, I worked at NGT’s Percy Main Depot ‘Tynemouth & Wakefields’ like most depots within the group they set themselves very high standards, vehicles were meticulously maintained, and after their weekly checks they were thoroughly cleaned from top to toe, this was in addition to the nightly excursion through the wash and the overnight sweep out.

Pride in the fleet was still something to be encouraged, and this was reflected in the vehicle turn out, minor damage was repaired quickly, and wheel trims were always replaced after maintenance checks.

More likely this was a maintenance edict issued by a management rethink.

Whilst it was a long while before wheel nut indicators etc., instances of loose wheels on large vehicles were not uncommon – I saw three trucks lose wheels on the M1 in a two month period in 1967 – and a stricter inspection regime than previously was put into place by many operators of large vehicles.

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