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Despite his misfortunes, he always manages to amass a fortune and return home a rich man. The challenge to the filmmakers behind the new movie was to make the story suitable for kids."The original stories have great anthropological and literary appeal," John Logan, who wrote the screenplay for Sinbad, said in a telephone interview.Our school in Rabat is located in a quaint residential area in a newly refurbished building.The school is ideally located in the heart of the city with attractions, markets and cafés within walking distance.

Rabat is one of the few African cities that display its European roots while proudly showcasing the Moroccan heritage.The city is made up of exquisitely rugged colonial architecture that stems from Rabat’s rich history, while the delightfully colourful African culture keeps up the exotic allure of the region.The Sprachcaffe Languages Plus School is housed in a modern building that boasts elements of the city's charm.The world of Arabian Nights awaits as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime language and travel experience.Explore the wonders of this true African paradise while learning everything you need to know about the Arabic language.

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