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A favorite: the company banned wild parties after several employees were demoted and a couple were fired in the wake of a drunken annual managers' meeting.

Another yarn involves Sears, which made one of the worst financial mistakes in retailing history when it passed on a deal to purchase Home Depot in the early 1980s.

They can choose 'motion detection zones' to mask out areas they don't want to trigger alerts (pictured left) and can set up the system to work with other devices such as smart lights using the 'if then' feature (right)'The police checked the CCTV in the streets and while they spotted someone acting strangely, he knew where the cameras were and between hiding his face and the poor quality of the footage, the police were unable to identify him.'If a burglar is detected, a notification is sent to a homeowner, who can see a live video stream of their home on the 'other' i Phone.

They can also log onto the company's website to check for footage.

Built from Scratch is about two businessmen who achieve the American Dream by fundamentally changing the realm of home-improvement retailing.

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, cofounders of the Home Depot, explain how they established the first national chain in the industry by concentrating on low prices, customer service, and strong leadership values.

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Most libraries should have at least one of these books on Home Depot, and larger public libraries and business collections should consider both.

When Chris Roush approached Marcus and Blank about his book on Home Depot (Inside Home Depot, LJ 1/99), they denied him access, preferring to tell their own story.

While it is more folksy and humorous, it essentially covers the same information, with the addition of intimate details of many business relationships and dealings.

Ultimately, this is a book about grit and determination.

"Building the Home Depot was a tough, uphill battle from the day we started," they write.

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