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They demanded to know why women should be criticised for behaving exactly as they want, even if that mimics drunk, promiscuous men. and if you deny that modern shibboleth, you’re a moralistic prude.What’s wrong with having inebriated sex with a stranger in a bush, they asked? Obnoxious, dangerous and socially unacceptable behaviour is defended for being ‘free’ — even though it leaves people out of control and vulnerable. Yet French wasn’t sneering or vilifying, she was puzzled and showing real concern. Surely this is actually a duty of care for the young people who are the future of this country?Night vision cameras showed Emma-Jane Woodham, 19, and Terry Walsh having sex in the communal bedroom — in full view rather than under bed covers.Because my own daughter and her friends became hooked on Love Island, defending it as ‘escapism’, I’ve watched some episodes — trying to be open-minded.She called it ‘the best thing on television’ — a classic example, surely, of the highly educated (she’s a Cambridge graduate) deliberately dumbing down.But when I watched the participants pairing off on their idyllic island I saw nothing but crude stereotyping, rampant sexism and the casual brutality of a cattle market. then you can sell it.’My daughter assures me Love Island is about relationships, not sex.

Like Love Island, they put a group of young people into shared accommodation in Newcastle or somewhere like Magaluf or Ibiza — with the aims of partying hard, getting blind drunk and having sex. The worst behaviour (for example, wetting the bed because you’re so drunk) is a source of pride, not embarrassment.What effect did the primped and buffed participants have on their self-image?Did they feel any twinges of depression to know that life will never be like that addictive, sexy fantasy?The camera panned lasciviously over almost identical buff bodies, the conversation was inane and when the Barbie-like girls lined up hoping to be chosen (from the back) it reminded me of picking school teams — with somebody left sad and unwanted at the end. A girl with the ubiquitous trout-pout letches over ‘the animalistic sexual magic’ of one of the men — who in turn discuss the assets of the women. big fake boobs, bleached blonde hair, long nails, thongs . But the point is that TV executives have to pull in advertising and naturally the highly sexed nature of Love Island delivered.As the writer Ariel Levy says in her excellent book about the normalisation of pornography: ‘If you remove the human factor from sex and make it about . The finale in July drew an audience of nearly three million and accounted for more than half of 16 to 24-year-old viewers.

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