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The market is also popular among domestic tourists who constitute the biggest chunk of the customers today.

“I sell Chinese shoes, which are economical, and of good quality.

According to shopkeepers, post economic liberalisation, the market has lost some of its customers, however, it is still going strong, thanks to the numerous dedicated customers who come looking for latest fashion cheap goods.

According to a shop owner, “Gaffar Market is a place for those who do not look for bills or guarantees, but like to stay ahead”.Unlike the old days, where you forgot your old phones, laptops or tablets in drawers, or waited for them to get really outdated before handing-them-down to your maids etc, there’s a thriving market out there for used electronics online.This evolving Indian second hand market, which is now estimated to be worth in the vicinity of billion (this is just for smartphones), has in the last 10 years or so come to be known as re-commerce (reverse commerce).The changing consumer lifestyle is also driving Indians to change their electronic gadgets very quickly.Today, the average time a person takes to change his/her smartphone has come down from about 2 years to 6-12 months and hence, more and more used gadgets are reaching the re-commerce market.

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