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Proceed with caution: zombieing has a nasty tendency to turn right back into ghosting as soon as you’re back in regular contact. It’s the act of buttering someone up online while still retaining deniability.You want them to be open to future flirting (or more), but you don’t want to be too vulnerable.So you fave three of their tweets in row, you send them cute dog vids, you leave a heart-eyes emoji on their latest Instagram selfie. The bold might try sliding right into someone’s DMs.Are you merely a supportive friend or are you about to make a move? This is truly the direct approach: on Twitter and Instagram, DM stands for direct message and sliding into someone’s DMs means you can flirt privately, away from the public audience that can see an @ message.It’s confusing as hell, so you’re being haunted, who you gonna call? The close cousin to haunting, zombieing also involves the return of a relationship you thought was dead.However, where haunting means your ex will skulk in the dark corners of your social media, zombieing means they’ll reach out, hoping to bring something long-buried back to life.That’s because cushioning (or ‘layby’) is benching done by those in serious relationships.They can’t bear the thought of being single so they employ a bench of ‘safety cushions’ – aka people they’re breadcrumbing. The guys who start Whats App conversations with a ‘you up? The dudes who’ll never say that you’re dating – instead you’re ‘hanging out’. It’s a favourite f*ckboy pastime, but catch and release is by no means just done by men.

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I hope these will help you identify whether or not you should pursue a relationship with your newly discovered online friend or head for the hills! As the list of dating glossary terms grows, we will post new definitions and discussions of each. Cut through the crap and recognize the pitfalls and early warning signs.

With so many new dating terms cropping up, it can be hard to keep them straight, so Attractive World is here to help.

We’ve made a glossary of some of 2017’s most popular dating slang.

Learn from others' dating mistakes so you don't end up with your date from hell story on this website!

2017 is hard enough without also dealing with the brave new world that is modern dating slang.

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