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Parents need to know that the game glorifies violence in a graphic and, some would say, irresponsible manner; and the game's central message is that one badass cop can take down entire crime families with firepower.

Not a real-world lesson, but one you can find on the silver screen.

Jewish motives, however, can be discovered not in any real sympathy for the plight of blacks, but rather in their quest to achieve the eclipse of the political and cultural hegemony of white Americans.

The NAACP was founded primarily by wealthy German Jews, with a Dr Henry Moscowitz, educated in Germany, being the principal founder. Du Bois were enlisted as co-founders so as to give the organization a broader racial presentation, the Jewish role was predominant in both the founding and development of the NAACP.

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Students were taught that manifestations of ethnocentrism, (except among Jews), and discrimination against outgroups, (except discrimination of whites by Jews), was to be viewed as a mental disease and to be treated as a public health problem.While dressing for work, I noticed the cop out on my porch.At first I assumed she was soliciting for a police charity – until she showed me i Phone photos of my daughter with a green-black bruise across her forehead, and two heinous purple lumps perfectly level across her shins, like she’d been pushed over a curb.Heavily Jewish organizations like the National Lawyers Guild and the American Civil Liberties Union, both with ties to the Communist Party, provided much of the legal talent for these endeavors.Concern that Jewish communists were involved in the civil rights movement centered around the activities of a Stanley Levison, a key advisor to Martin Luther King.

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