Hot and cold behavior dating

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That he feels like he can be himself around me and that he can relate a lot better with me than other girls. He also mentions that he probably behaves a little more "goofy" and himself around me because he feels comfortable with me and he's probably more "normal" with other people who he's less comfortable with--pretty much, he feels like I won't judge him if he says or does something silly. I met him on a dating site--all of my online accounts-myspace, facebook, etc, all say single and I've never mentioned another guy to him; but he'll make some quick remark in passing that "my boyfriend" wouldn't like something--like a mark he's left on me from kissing or something he's left in my house--like a toothbrush. the backing off thing and no contact for 3 days is..a good sign. The girl I've been seeing for about 2 months (we've gone out about 5 or 6 times) will sometimes just not reply at all to my texts, but only went 2-3 days without a word because she was too busy once.Makes jokes about how I should move into the massive-multi-person-party house he lives in(he's said this in joking at least 7-8 times since I've known him), but obviously this is silly because I've only known him two months and I own my own house. He always laughs when he says it, but I find it very odd and I always brush it off or dismiss it. Any way, so he goes back and forth from being gone for days or aloof--speaking to me briefly daily, to being completely attentive. Wow, this sounds a lot like a situation I am also in. I also discovered this weekend during a drunk'n day of fun with her that she's scared which is way she pulls back sometimes and isn't always herself. I know i don't call the girl i'm seeing sometimes cuz I'm freaked out I'll look too pressed.One thing that I pay attention is his small sweetness in order to judge his true feeling. Cherished- Thanks for the advice, and that's what I thought at first, but there's more back story to it...Giving me gifts, opening door, saying sweet things can be done if it is his "manner" and/or based on calm calculation. She and I briefly dated before way back when (about 8/9 months ago) but I disappeared on her which is why she's freaked.It's entirely possible when you understand the reasons a man has for acting distant and what to do about it when he does...

She also has a busy life, to the point of almost too insanely busy.

so it may be a game, or it just may be that he's a little freaked.... If you like him, please give him a little more time.

He could be playing a game, but we don't know for sure In the beginning of the relationship, some people (especially men) feel need to slow down or step back. When he disappears, don't contact to chase and force him come back.

Leave him alone so that he can fully evaluate his feeling.

If you are interested, read mars and venus on a date book. Having said that there is possibility he is not that into you or playing.

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