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"Traditions can only continue if there's a modern appetite for them. I have seen it first hand and i will fight against it until my last breath.- kevin :flag_black: (@llywelyn_cymru) December 26, 2017These should be completely outlawed. If you want to exercise your dogs and horses then do it but there is absolutely no need to slaughter a fox for sport.- Andrew Walker (@Andrewjwal26) December 26, 2017Suffolk Police is looking into reports that a fox was killed illegally during the Great Thurlow hunt.

"We've thrown bear baiting, cock fighting and a whole range of traditions which involved the abuse of humans or animals into the dustbin of history. Inspector Jo Garrard of Suffolk Police said: "We take these reports seriously and are conducting an investigation into the circumstances around this incident."Hunters involved in that event have admitted to one of their hounds mauling the animal to death, however, are boldly claiming it was the protestors who caused it.

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By joining Living Dream community, people can support members’ dreams, learn from the others or find training materials, inspiring stories, get sympathy from others.2.However, when the Hunting Act was introduced in 2004 (effectively banning the hunting of wild animals like foxes and deer), many hunters turned to trail hunting.Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, told LADbible there's one key issue with trail hunting: "The hounds are still trained to follow an animal-based scent [and] what happens is that the hounds often pick up the scent of a real animal, chase it and kill it, then the hunt claims that it was an 'accident'." So it should come as no surprise that there were plenty of people out in force to protest against those who participated in the hunts yesterday.Some Christmas conventions may be relatively recent or solely observed by particular families, but plenty have been around for hundreds of years.However, there are few formalities which attract more controversy than the tradition of a Boxing Day hunt in the UK.

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