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However, the game took several turns as Russia would not give up.

With Shved scoring in spurts, Russia fought right back getting it to a single possession game until Serbia steadied late.

Turning point: It was a game of spurts with momentum swinging wildly within minutes.

Russia trailed for much of the game by double digits before getting within 2 points midway through the fourth.

Serbian passports are issued to Serbian citizens at any age, and it is the primary document of international travel issued by Serbia.

Passports are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or, if the citizen resides abroad, at the embassy.

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It gave the momentum to Serbia and they hung on from there.

The inside cover features the Serbian coat of arms in navy blue ink, while the first page contains the name of the country and the word "passport" in three languages - Serbian (Cyrillic script), English, and French.

The inside back cover contains information on consular assistance in the three aforementioned languages. The data page is printed in Serbian (Cyrillic script), English and French, while the personal data is entered in Serbian (Latin script).

They said: "We have to think about the next opponent in Slovenia.

They are the absolute favorites..yelled and screamed. Jovic has a big heart" - Serbia coach Alexsandar Djordjevic talking about the upcoming Final clash with Slovenia and Stefan Jovic, who suffered a leg injury in the third quarter.

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