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The last episode is so tear jerking, I had to get a bucket to hold all of My tears.I just want them to date in real life, or at least have another reunion show (=^ェ^=) They did their best.

With culture differences and language barrier they still shine on the screen. They bicker, tease and make fun of each other, yet at the same time they care for each other in smaller fine details ( surprise events, being considerate) and they were so sad to part ways in the end.

And the people around them just don't seem to matter.

I got lost in their loving stare and they are definitely number one for me and no other. Since I love Leeteuk Oppa so much and I always hope, He can get the one who love, care and like him so much too. Chemistry, compatibility, and visuals, although undeniably present in these two, are not the reasons why I picked them as the best.

Visually he’s really shed the kid brother look as confirmed in the latest menswear pictorial that has him decked out in various fitted and dapper looks.

I hope he continues picking great project, and even if it’s got low ratings at least the role challenges him.

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