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Few girls engaged in sexual intercourse before they began menstruation.

Girls who got periods earlier were also more likely to get married at a young age.

Another study suggested that for each year menstruation was delayed, the age when a girl got married increased by nine months, according to researchers from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York.

Menstruating at an earlier age is also linked to having an increased risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), research suggests.

The researchers said the findings highlight the need for more to be done to tackle child marriage in low-income countries.'This finding could be particularly relevant to ongoing global efforts to curb child marriage,' the report noted.'Early marriage may increase girls' vulnerability to the negative health effects of early pregnancy and childbirth, since girls are often expected to bear children soon after marriage.'In addition, girls who get married early are often unable to effectively negotiate safer sex, increasing their vulnerability to STIs such as HIV.'The study was published online in the journal PLOS ONE.

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Eleven is the average age for girls to start their periods, but experts have previously suggested puberty is starting younger, and that the trend is linked to obesity.In rural Malawi, 55 percent of those who had their first period before age 14 had sex before the age of 16.This compares to 27 percent of those at age 14 to 15, and only four percent of girls who menstruated at 16 or over.Overall, an earlier age at menstruation was associated with earlier first sexual encounter, age at pregnancy, and first child.A sample of Jamaican women who menstruated early were found to be 28 percent more likely to have intercourse before the age of 16.

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