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Una de sus tareas ha consistido en colectar guías y buenas prácticas.En los últimos años, se han implementado proyectos a nivel nacional e internacional para intercambiar y difundir conocimiento y buenas prácticas sobre este fenómeno.As a result we have reached agreement on the overall content that it will hold.As previously announced, this handbook is meant to equip youth counsellors with information useful to detect and combat radicalisation.See full summary » Trough fabulous music, this movie tracks three generations of musicians and dancers from Russia, Germany, France and the U.

See full summary » The world's most popular entertainer and Europe's greatest boxer: the film puts the love affair of these two national heroes against a backdrop of the end of World War II, hotel suites in ...Continue reading In our YCARE project, materials have been developed and collected in recent months that will provide teachers, youth counselors and all those involved in youth work with quick and easy support in selecting educational material for radicalization prevention.The aim is to counteract the radicalization of young men and women who are in danger of joining radical organizations.El valor añadido de YCARe se basa en los comentarios y sugerencias recibidos de los profesionales y orientadores juveniles que van utilizando las herramientas didácticas.El entorno educativo así creado permite que los profesionales de Juventud de distintos países tengan la posibilidad de adaptar estas herramientas pedagógicas y aprendan los unos de los otros.

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