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The film basically deals with the invasion of cameras in our lives but just the negatives have been highlighted.

There are positive facets of it too like security issues but somehow they never got mentioned here. If your appetite for Bollywood films includes the need for a lot of things raw, you can go for it.

The camera-work(Nikos Andritsakis) is a welcome initiative although it's not thoroughly innovative.

The pace is good thanks to a water-tight script (Urmi Juvekar) and the running time of approximately two hours only serves as an advantage.

He makes a short film and ends up falling for the heroine of his film Shruthi (Shruti). However, their love story's end is nowhere close to that of Raj and Simran's!

In the beginning we witness Rahul (Anshuman Jha), a small town guy aspiring to make it big as a director.

The second is about Shruti’s friend Rashmi (Neha Chauhan).

A fatherless girl Rashmi works as a shopgirl in a big department store.

The stories are interconnected in that the characters in the story know the ones in the other stories.

The first is about film actress Shruti Dahiya (Nusrat Bharucha) and film director Rahul Kumar (Anshuman Jha).

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