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Steve hadn't needed to look at his girlfriend to know she was awake and watching him fuck her mother.

He pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out of her mum and rolled onto his back. "Morning beautiful, if your cunts as wet as your mums, my big cock's gonna be happy ".

Lynn lent in offering her cupped breasts and protruding nipples to her young lover to feast on.

All Janes thoughts of jealousy evaporated as she melted into her boyfriends embrace. "If you want what mummies just had , give my cock a good sucking.

Jane felt the green eyed monster of jealousy rise, she remembered the events of last night and how it was her suggestion that her boyfriend should fuck her mother.

All the threesome and taboo fucking that ensued was a consequence of her decision.

Lynn broke the passionate kiss, her eyes briefly opening to lock onto her daughters own voyeuristic eyes before she shut them again, arching her head backward away from Jane, Lyndi Loo erupted into her first glorious orgasm of the day. Jane witnessed her mothers body shake and convulse uncontrollably as she was consumed by her climax.

As her mother slowly recovered, Jane was oblivious to the fact she had been fingering her now sopping wet pussy, her jealousy replaced by lust and the need to be fucked to the same glorious bliss her mother had just enjoyed.

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