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Why should someone else ever have the right to say when you "become a person" or when you are "worth keeping alive"?

Scales and rulers are no measurement of human nature or worth.

Age, size, IQ, or stage of development are simply differences in degree, not in kind. When we reach maturation, there are many different degrees of skills and levels of IQ.

But none of these make some people better or more human than others.

None make some qualified to live and others unqualified.

There is no objective evidence to indicate that someone can be a member of the human race, but because he lacks certain qualities, he thereby fails to be a person.

Carl Sagan notwithstanding, the beginning of each human life is not a process, but an event. It is an established scientific fact that life begins at conception.

Pro-choice advocates often point out that a child aborted in the first trimester may be less than an inch or two in size, or less than an ounce or two in weight. Is a professional basketball player more of a person than someone half his size?

If a two-hundred-pound man loses fifty pounds, does he lose one fourth of his personhood?

Is a 500 pound sumo wrestler more of a person than all of the smaller spectators watching in the stands?

Do you become "more of a person" as you grow older and bigger? Who gets to decide at what "point" you truly "become a person"?

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