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The Gefells fall into the latter category — the better of the two. If this recording was going to live on analog tape, I would let the extra boost ride, but on the Otari RADAR, the way it sounds today is exactly the way it will sound tomorrow and I wouldn't want this much high-end boost then, either. The mics' natural high-end boost worked much better in this application, tastefully bringing out the room in the mix.

I absolutely loved the M 300s for recording acoustic guitar.

My first impression was that the M 300s were too bright.

I've used other mics with similar characteristics, and I break them into two categories: mics that are harshly bright and those that are smoothly bright.

I tested a matched stereo pair of M 300s, which ship in an attractive padded wooden box and come with a stereo bar and mic clips.

Once I got the rig together with a bit more muscle, it was easy to take apart and reassemble with much less effort.I first heard the M 300s as a spaced pair of overheads on a drum kit.This is a kit I've had much experience recording with and have used a number of different mics to do the job.We insure our clients against problems that might result from programming errors by ongoing customer care follow up and on site trouble shooting within 48 hours.Our staff is ready available daily to calls from clients if they should need immediate assistance or technical consultation.

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