Mom do sex chat with her own son

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ANAL VIRGINITY It was the morning after date night... I had already swallowed a morning load for breakfast from my son and was now home alone... Momplusoneequalsfun: There is no purer love than one between a mother and a son.

after all you are now a submissive cum slut for your son and you need to be comfortable with that. Momplusoneequalsfun: And you need to become a three-hole cum bucket! The place had a couple of women looking at lingerie, one man in a suit looking at anal toys (which made me wonder if they were for him or a lover) and a saleswoman dressed in a nice business skirt and blouse. So with the number three butt plug in my ass, I logged in to chat with Kennedy.

They made me go back and re-read it and realize there was indeed more to write about Courtney and Paul. I retold, in detail, the past 36 hours from seducing him in my bedroom wearing only thigh highs to date night, meeting Hugh Grant, learning I wasn't his first, and the kinky sex at Mamma Mia. Momplusoneequalsfun: Oh the first time, the first weeks are amazing...

So almost three years after part two was posted, here finally is part 3 with a vision of adding a few more parts if people enjoy this chapter and wish to continue along the journey I have begun with this series.

This story is dedicated to all the mothers and fathers that enjoy their adult children in a sexual way. Please let me know if you enjoy my story by voting.

********* This is the third story by my wife, Lisa. Oh God, I'm cumming" I screamed out." "My son is making me cum." And with that, I felt my son's cum shoot into me with a force I never felt before.

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