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The "starvation model" says that opportunities for love and connection are rare, and anything you do that decreases your pool of dateable partners makes those opportunities even more rare. If you have a starvation model, that can make you desperate, needy, cynical, or pessimistic.

I remember His hot pursuit of me in my darkest days, even when I rejected Him out of blind anger against my unpopularity in middle school, how he stuck with me even when I broke all my relationships out of spite, how he gently caressed me to sleep as I laid on my bed, crying because I was friendless and unloved.

It means that I do my best not to curse in public, because a foul mouth speaks volumes to the people around me, none of which are edifying towards the Creator that I purport to serve. As such, we tend to despise the idea of giving away things for now – casual dating, alcohol, and the f-bomb, to name a few – in pursuit of something greater. I spend writing my novels (TRISK – A NEW BREED OF SPORT: AVAILABLE NOW AT

I could spend the wee hours of the morning doing so many other things – video games come salaciously to mind. This Easter, we celebrate the risen God, Jesus Christ.

The "abundance model" says that we live in a world of seven billion people, so no matter how unusual and exotic your tastes are, with seven billion people sharing a planet with you, there are more potential partners than you could ever date. Those are undesirable traits, so people will not be attracted to you, so guess what? Plus I prefer strong-willed, independent, sex-positive women who change the world around them. Even if only one percent of one percent of one percent of people is compatible with me, that's still seven thousand partners to choose from.

You're right--opportunities for love and connection are rare and hard to find. Now, I will admit I'm ambitious, but even I am not that ambitious.

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