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Doxy – While I love the Doxy Don (it used to be the Skittle), I don’t use it much these days. Their products are high-quality, their customer service is superb and they’ve managed to hire a stellar manager for their US-based operations; Ruby is an amazing human.

And while I appreciate the Doxy Wands, I never use them because I’m not a fan of broad stimulation or vibrations that aren’t deeply rumbly. AND they sent Girl on the Net to us for Woodhull’s SFS16.

So when I was searching for a cheap, clear sex toy to use in my clear silicone post I couldn’t resist the purchase of the Tracy’s Dog rabbit, especially since 90% of the Amazon listing called it silicone. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from this brand; there are other brands to support instead, and Tracy’s Dog doesn’t have anything truly unique.

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Your husband should give you the orgasm – and please read that bit with the incredulous sarcasm that is in my head.Also, the silicone head has to be replaced every few uses and they’re about each. Try literally any other sex toy to achieve the same results. Jimmy Jane Intro 4 and 6 with the Form 4 in the background " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ Jane Introsq.png?fit=250,250" data-large-file="https://i2com/ Jane Introsq.png? fit=450,450" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-13157" src="https://i2com/ Jane Introsq.png?And even though the flagship We-Vibe, that c-shaped couples vibe, has never been something I needed or loved, I have to give props to their new Sync.They fixed the “fit” issue so that it would accommodate the genitals of more people.

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