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The French Navy, which caused the blockade that was the major factor in the British defeat by the Americans, had been smashed. This was why Ireland Island in Sandys Parish, the former separate, narrow serrated island that pushes out into the Atlantic at the extreme north west of Bermuda, formally started to become, from 1809 when it was officially acquired by the British Admiralty, a Royal Navy base of one-time huge significance.

In rapid succession in 1803, the British Admiralty issued draught no.

Many of the buildings being renovated will be used by people from the Americas Cup as well as the ACBDA team, but after that, they will be available to locals.

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The building was constructed in 1899 as the residence of the Office-in-Charge of Works.Bermuda-built sloops - similar to the one shown above - had unique advantages.Their construction from Bermuda cedar ensured they were durable and resistant to shipworm.We have to continually invest and reinvent ourselves to keep us ahead of the competition. As it looks today, a far cry from its original purpose dating back to 1795 as a fortified Royal Navy Dockyard following Britain's defeat by the USA in the 1776 to 1783 American Revolution. With the Militia Act 1794 and the end of the American War of Independence, Bermuda began to assume an importance to the Admiralty that would see it become the base of the North America and West Indies Squadron, and the site of the only full Naval dockyard West of Portsmouth, England except for Halifax in Nova Scotia and of possibly more strategic importance in the event of invasion of Canada by the USA.The Royal Navy Dockyard subsequently built in Bermuda was designed not primarily for defence but for attack, from which to launch a Royal Navy invasion of the USA.

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