Roethlisberger dating Dating question game

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The woman was not identified by police; ESPN and the AP do not generally identify possible victims of sexual abuse.Police said Roethlisberger and his attorney were cooperating with investigators.Hanley said she rolled her eyes, and Roethlisberger called her an expletive and walked away.Later, Roethlisberger was aggressively hitting on another girl, Hanley said.

Still, to hear it on the airwaves in Pittsburgh, this latest situation seems to have shaken fans of the star quarterback, a man who has never hidden the fact he enjoys the nightlife.

However, with his championships and 2 million contract have come several off-the-field problems.

In 2006, he defied his coach's orders and rode his motorcycle without a helmet -- and wound up with a concussion, broken jaw and other injuries after a wreck.

He has been spotted gambling in Las Vegas and is sometimes seen in public with small groups of friends and bodyguards.

The latest accusation came early Friday in downtown Milledgeville, about 85 miles southeast of Atlanta and about 30 miles south of the lake home the player owns.

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