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Shocked, Dan realizes he's going to be published and thanks Vanessa profusely for sending his story in secretly. They run right into Lily and Bart, and they introduce each other.

Inside the school afterwards, Lily and Bart run into Blair; who remarks that she didn't know Bart was in town because she thought he was with Chuck.

Harold tells her that he and Roman bought a chateau near Lyon, France and he excitedly tells her about how beautiful it is.

Meanwhile, a man walks up to Eleanor and asks where the skating rink is, as he's taking his niece skating. Roman says that he was flirting with her, but Eleanor doesn't buy it.

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Blair tells her that she and Harold get them every year as tradition and his flight got in 27 minutes ago.They're surprised by Vanessa, who brings Dan's Christmas present early.He opens it to find a letter stating that his story is being published in The New Yorker's Summer Fiction Issue featuring 20 under 20.At the loft, Rufus, Alison, and Jenny decorate while Dan opens Christmas cards.He finds one from someone named Alex, who writes for Alison to meet him on Christmas Eve.

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