Rsd dating

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Originally from Switzerland, Julien’s major passion prior to pick-up had been music, and he had harbored dreams of living an artistic and unconventional lifestyle.

Blanc quit a prestigious European business school in his second year in order to make the move to the Los Angeles, California, where he was taken under Cook’s wing.

It was at this point that Blanc was introduced to the tope end clubs in the Hollywood scene by Cook, despite his insistence that Julien had “no idea what he was doing”, an opinion which rapidly changed.

Julien started out as many others do: from humble, ‘newbie’ beginnings.

I was shocked to see guys who I honestly had perceived as being very hard cases having girls very into them. - REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS - Real Social Dynamics was founded in 2002.Previously, there were many individuals who made an occupation of giving advice on how to meet women, but no one who was willing to walk the talk and put it their credibility on the line by demonstrating it in real life.The growth of “RSD” is attributable in part to this unique selling point.In his early days, he was too “passive” and “unfocused” in his life, however under Cook’s guidance, Julien would fearlessly approach the hardest sets possible in the clubs.He went to extraordinary lengths to gain entry to the hottest clubs, such as posing as a club promoter in order to trick bouncers into letting him in.

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