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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. J.) narrative of a Jint DMV from Hera»t to Khiva and «. Kiddell that, though we may complain, wc may hardly expect redress. Jeans, which Kussell himself considered his masterpiece. Caldecott's pictorial descrip- tion of " A Lover's Quarrel," which is none the less pleasing because it reminds us here and there of previous achievements of the artist's pencil. i Drise many of great beauty and value lent Uie South Kensington Museum and by the nofaleoien and gentlemen of Derbyshire. It shows that the aridst has net left the more orthodox paths of sculpture for want of the perception of beauty ; but it also shows that his usual path is the most congenial to his artistic nature.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Power's (Ck U) f At Jutla K Ruidalph'g (Mn.) Orelaaim « Bssde*! In fairness, however, we must add that the foregoing Bcntences are written for persons who are nothing if not critical. I and IL (ftfiiacben und Leipzig: Hirth.) JJithhabar-Bibli Qtheh al Ur Illa»tr»tor»n. (Hirth.) Die dtaticke Bilcherilliviirati Qn dtr Oolhik md Fr Uhi-saauaaaot , who was a. Among them are two lent by the Queen, representing a bathing man and woman at Brighton, and a family portrait lent by Mr. As exhibition of the works of Thomas and Paul Saodby, natives of Nottingham, and both original members of the Boyu Academy. Stephens ; and ' ' The Pfahlgrabon and Saalburg Camp in Germany, in relation to the Roman Wall and Camps in Northumberland," by Mr, James Hilton. Marcus Stone is already, we think, familiar, or, if not, it soon will become so. The illiistratioiis to the last story are also very good. Cabi- nets and caskets and tables inlaid with hard stones, marbles, and malachite; examples of Elorentine, Indian, and other mosaics ; and art work in metal, wood, and ivory constitute the larger part of the collection, but specimens ' toou cmd materials for turning and inlaying also exhibited. His free and graphic treatment of scenes from wcrcd history ore what no one else can do, and the stamp of his individuality gives them an interest not to he gained by the most rigid ad- hmnce t« accepted canons of art.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Oaakell's Mollv Qibson and Cynthia Kirkpatiick ; and, though grateful for the pleasant reminder, how much more grateful we should be tor a pair of new girl friends not less charming than the old ones because altogether unlike them!

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 8i -■ "-' — '-m'i ia» Od U«i Sbiplsya (1£ht E.) A Ihn Oc Ui Bhon II Birafs (W.) n« Ah I Bnl* ... II Bt\i]ia^HA..) At Sofbrtak i Btook^i (Miu) B««Maa Ouliine nf Orttk Jlltiorg ; (Cftpt. Al Dser's (A.) Foeme, Plate, Ac, qf Charltt JUimb 11 k.l L. S.'s Our Little Life « Attg Uoff Jkaie on Bcotch Loche ... The annoying habit of telling a story in the present tense is a plague against whiuh all protests Bccm to be useless, probably because of the defective taste which leads both writers and readers to prefer a garish c Sectivencsa to more valuable if less obtrusive qualities ; and the trick of making us miserable at the bcgio- nlng of a story by hinting at the sad things ahead of us appears to be so dear to the ladies who have learned it from Mrs. One of them differs from the work by which he is best known hv being classical in subject and low in relief. Oosse's poem of "The Sons of Cydippe," and represents the moment when they fall down dead in answer to their mother's prayer for their happiness.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Elliot is — well, let ns say, not qoite bo charming. Elliot's imaginings at home have not the choral of her walks abroad, they have a blood-curdling quality which to some readers may bo much more attractive, just as abiinthe has votaries who would scorn Chatean Margaux. Hirth shows, with apparently con clunve proof , must have referred to the city in Arabia Fetraea. Hirth then went on to describe the supposed lission of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to the Em- peror of China, of which no accounts have come downtousfrom European Bourcea. It needs, it seems, almost a separate education to realise that diologfue which would read very well in a novel may yet be not pointed enough, oi not sufficiently ch^ged with action, to be effective on the boards ; and that is just the education which Messrs. Lacking this, it is nevcithe- les B true that their work betrays a theatrical or dramatic instinct which should one day serve tbem in good stead— nay, which may serve them in good stead even as soon as to-morrow if they will but address themselves to revise and abbreviate " Deacon Brodie." The play has humour of a quiet kind ; it has pathos of a simple kind ; it has some virtues of construction.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I y Google y Google y Google y Google y Google y Google f^ f . The R»d Cardinal is uot a story which it is easy to describe briefly ; but, prob- ably, if any writer of Mrs. Thefaotot amis- "' arriving in China professing to have come from in. What it wants chiefly careful pr unin g — the hurrying on of what story there is, the whipping up of thecharact«rs into more immediate and more continuous action.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. By"Bitii" IE O'Cosnsll'i (Alin) Zoyol, £ni«, ami 7V»« « O-De U'* (8. Oswald Crawfurd the traveller, and bis latest book suggests the hope of more such half-boure in the company of ilr. We say novelist, though the conferring of such a title may be a little premature ; for The World we Livt In is, perhaps, too slight in point of material to be rightly called a novel, being rather a sketi^h, re! Henry James, but having more of movement and narrative constmotiou than the austere American artist can bring himself to condescend to. Geolooists have generally contented them- selves with dividing the earth's history into four great periods, known as primary, setxindary, tertiary, and quaternary. Kulturffaichieht Uelus Sildiriiuh aut drsi Jahrhtmderten. It is also said that the German Govern- ment favours the scheme. "Pedora" is about as morbid as the "Maitre de Forges." To candour of treat- ment, frankness of expression, we, of course, ir no wise object.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The title leads us to expect a touch, or more than a touch, of satire in the treatment, and the book verifies the expecta- tion ; for Ur. But in a work lat^y published at Leipsig under the title of Fhyto- gcogeneeie. The value is to be £200, tenable for ons year, eigbt months at least o[ nbicli must be (pent abroad, at some place approved by tli« trustees. Tntt Bitzs will be the publishers in iidtt (xmatry ot a ffandy Anglo-i Saxon Dk Uonary, tulapted from Qrein's " Library of Anglo-Saxon Portry " by Dr. Qroschopp, translated into Eneliah, revised, and corrected, with an outline of Anglo-Saxon granunar and a list of irregular verbs, by W. Boakervi U, Professor of Engliah Iianguage and Literature at Yanderbilt Uni- versity, and J. Harrison, Professor of Eng- lish and Modem Iiangaages at Wasbingtoi ud Zjoe TJnivenity. Zimmer, Zweit^s Heft, Ueber aitirische Betonu Dg und Verskunat (Berlin ; Weid- niannj ; Oh Iriah Metric : an Inaugural Lecture on Cfltio Philology, delivered March 11, 1BB4, ia Trinity College, Bublin, by Bobert Atkinson n)alilin: Ponsonby* Weldriok); Report ot Hio Proceedings of tho Congress held in Dublin August 16-17, 1882, by the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language (Dublin) ; y Cymmrodor, embodying the Tiunsactions of the Society of Cymmrodorion, Edited by Thonuis Powell (Whiting) ; &c., &c. The new number of the Arcliamlogical t/bifmoi contains the following papers: — "The Gallo-Boman Monuments of Beims," by Mr, Bunnell Lewis; "The Methods used by the Romans for extinguishing Conflagration B," by the Eev. A love affair should be handled with directness, when handled at all.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. He has the keen eye, the humorous appreciation, and, above all, the light hand which cannot be dinwnsed with if satire is to bo bright as well aa biting. His "Quaternary" is our Silurian pericid, and thence the enumeration progresses until we finally reach tbe " Dedmary period"— at least, if that be the proper transla- tion ot his Decim Urzeil. The Craven endowment at Oxford has so largely increased in value that the trustees have been enabled to establish a sort of travelling fellowship for classics, open to all graduates of the university of not more than seven years' 14 THE ACADEMY. And yet the opportuni- ties, it must be added, hudly include any which are quite of the best. Indeed, add- if possible, force, her delicacy abates not t. Bameby's before he is too old to appreciate his good fortune. We may also poiat oat that there are several misprints which bad better be limked to when, the day for correc- tions arrives. — that one bewails the presence of eyes that did not see, ears that did not hear, and opportunities lost, never to return. Leighton saw — as did the writer of these lines— the North-west in its earliest and, he will continue to think, its best and most romantic daya, and left it when the trapper, the hunter, and, to a considerable extent, the gold-digger and the lumberman had given place to the land-jobber and the railroad engineer. Mias Ida Ashworth Taylor has more literary aptitude and better command over her materials than Mr. We allow, however, that it is hard to slaughter the innocents, or for an inexperienced author to acquire that literary perspective which enables him to see that what was at the time of interest to himself may be of no import- ance to those who neither ate the breakfasts, visited the Colonial judges, heard their wives sing, nor are likely to profit by the "unearned increment " on the Cordova Bay " lot " which we trust may he Mr. In truth, it is rather "thin," lacks grasp, and in nearly every chapter is so sketchy— shill we say feminine ? When we can add, with our hand upon our heart, that the characters in Sorrowfid yet Lucky are quite alive and realisable, and that the tone of the book is commendably healthy, we really think we may claim a slwre in the author's next dedication. 4U0 Ooidon's (Uiu) Jaooh Jenningt, the Green-a (BJ Outhbert'Coning^t'.". 187 - Tlu Cottage Xrx C Boor Bitwcll'i (Un.) ' Bnn-'. P.) Bomenet'i (Ladr)' BBbls'B (Q.) (Ter Xamt Seat 7%a Olid Art HH ■ miagt L^t .. Hary's Church should be carted away as would •erva to make the highway from Bargate and all East Street down to the turning to the chantry." The chancel alone survived this act of i-andal- ism ; and even this was allowed to fall into such decay that Archdeacon Bridcoake, when he took in hand its restoration in 1711, had almost to rebuild the whole fabric. Barnehy's hand- some volume is that a work on the Canadian and Xorth Pacific Railroads is extremely seasonable. Again, though we note with pleasure the intelligent jottings on the Coniferae of the country passed over, this reviewer must, as an old student of the forests between California and Alaska, protest against "Mabilis" (p. de Valvedre, who seema to think that it may still have efficacy in conciliating the caustic critic, has translated his happy thought into action. ._ _ (y&emr' [ttn.) M*g'* Hiitalct, an* other Suttfx Storiet ^•. 187 Pmlgrare's VMeetfrom Flov HT Land „ SM Bi Htr^ i)t.-L.) Kiin^i Se Kolare 110 Bubf 'a (Jewie) Pr Mtmt Tomer 3M Strmaaall and Omnn'i i Ia|i 3B1 eecoimbs'atliis Dl.-Co LJ Cbntc AIwte AM /t-DH ^Hl Mffutotv sao SMlev'i (M.) CVwi Court 187 shipfklnf CMlarii, Tlie^ sn Btiiplai'i (Kiu H.) Bearing tit Yoke . The Court Leet Book of 1-560 contains the following suggestive entry ; — "Ordered that so much of the rubbish of St. S.: Lee & Shepard; London: Triibner.) The first impression of Mr. In the last century the dedication wus found efficacious in attracting the powerful patron ; and Mr.

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