Scales that measures online dating

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The present research investigates the effects of media richness, i.e.

of paraverbal and nonverbal cues, as well as of physical attractiveness information on impression formation in a fictive online dating setting.

When connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, it can keep you informed using a number of different apps, including the Weight Gurus app, Apple's Health App and Google Fit.

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Singles indicated an overall stronger desire for contact and more confidence in their impressions than non-singles.

These scales can help with weight loss and management.

This scale from Weigh Gurus measures your body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight and bone mass.

To determine your Pulse Wave Velocity, the scale is equipped with special sensors that are said to be able to determine the exact moment when blood is ejected from the aorta and when it reaches blood vessels in the feet.

The time between the two is then compared to your height (which you provide during the initial setup of the scale) to determine your Pulse Wave Velocity, a number that is measured in meters per second.

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